Month: November 2014

Basic Logical Fallacies

In Defense 3:15

Self Contradiction

– A statement that fails to satisfy its own conditions for rational acceptability or truthfulness.

False Dilemma

– When two or more options given when there are actually more available.

Ad Hominem

– Attempting to undermine the truth of an idea by attacking the person who proposes the idea.

Slippery Slope

– This aims to show that a protocolar proposition is untrue because of increasingly unacceptable events that could follow.

Complex Question

– To otherwise unrelated points are joined together and treated as a single proposition or question.


– To force, pity, consequences and popularity.

Hasty Generalizations

– Making assumptions about the whole based on a small sample set.

Begging the Question

– A person will make an assumption that puts a conclusion into one of the premises.

Straw Man

– Making a case weaker than it actually is so as to defeat the argument more easily.

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Did Jesus Have To Do Apologetics?


Recently a friend of mine wrote an article on the need for apologetics. Someone wrote a response that said the following:

“If more Christians lived the faith and spent less time trying to figure it out. We could then have people see for them selves that the peace we have, can be there’s . Jesus did not have to defend his position, He spoke what the father said to speak. The defense of the Christian is to try and convert people and Jesus said all you have to do is believe. So by living it, people will see it and believe. “

So is the truth here? Did Jesus have to defend his position? Was Jesus an apologist?  Since there was no New Testament canon at that time, it is not as if Jesus was walking around with the text 1 Peter 3:15-16 where we read, “But sanctify Christ as Lord in your hearts…

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Sorry; No Such Thing as a Scientific Argument Against the Existence of God


Here is excellent post from Melissa Cain Travis

I love science. I mean, I REALLY. LOVE. SCIENCE. My earliest, most vivid memories of school go back to my kindergarten class at C. Wayne Collier Elementary School, watching film strips (remember those, children of the 80s?) about dinosaurs, volcanoes, or the solar system, being transfixed by the awesomeness. My deepest desire in the sixth grade was to attend Space Camp. To this day, I am a sucker for a good science book or documentary–when it sticks to the actual science. Unfortunately, many productions these days promote a deeply philosophical agenda that isn’t scientific in the least (think of the recent TV series, Cosmos, hosted by atheist Neil DeGrasse Tyson). The tragic result of such propaganda is that some impressionable Christians end up questioning the rationality of their belief in God.

However, the statement, “God does not exist,” has never been, is not now…

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