Basic Logical Fallacies

In Defense 3:15

Self Contradiction

– A statement that fails to satisfy its own conditions for rational acceptability or truthfulness.

False Dilemma

– When two or more options given when there are actually more available.

Ad Hominem

– Attempting to undermine the truth of an idea by attacking the person who proposes the idea.

Slippery Slope

– This aims to show that a protocolar proposition is untrue because of increasingly unacceptable events that could follow.

Complex Question

– To otherwise unrelated points are joined together and treated as a single proposition or question.


– To force, pity, consequences and popularity.

Hasty Generalizations

– Making assumptions about the whole based on a small sample set.

Begging the Question

– A person will make an assumption that puts a conclusion into one of the premises.

Straw Man

– Making a case weaker than it actually is so as to defeat the argument more easily.

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